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The Best Things To Do At This Beach Paradise

Pattaya was a small fishing village on the eastern coast of Thailand in the past – yet today, it has grown to become one of the most famous destinations of the country of smiles. As a beach paradise overflowing with skyscrapers, resorts and other hotels, it easily attracts a large population of the tourists that visit Thailand annually. But besides its splendid beach, are there any other activities for tourists to enjoy? Of course there are! Read on below to find some of them: 

  • The Walking Street – after 6 pm, if you walk past the end of the Beach Road at Pattaya, you will find the bustling nightlife of the Walking Street. After 6 pm, all road traffic is barred in this street, and the multitude of street shops that adorn the sides of the Walking Street finally open to its customers. You will find the best nightclubs, restaurants and restaurants in Pattaya, so make sure to drop by the Walking Street before you reach the end of your vacation. 
  • Tiffany’s Cabaret Show – amongst the other night attractions is the popular cabaret show found in Pattaya’s greatest theatre. From Indian dances to Chinese dances, and from local historical dances to Broadway imitations, the cabaret show is filled with colourful clothing, as well as lively dancing and music.  
  • Coral Island – besides enjoying the beach and water activities whilst staying at one of the many Pattaya beachfront hotels, there is one more beach destination you should be visiting, and that is Coral Island. As opposed to the crowded beaches filled with skyscrapers and resorts, Coral Island is a pristine beach devoid of any constructions and with crystal clear water – almost an impossible sight at Pattaya (hence why you absolutely need to visit this place). Most hotels in Pattaya offer packages to visit the Coral Island, so make sure to check in with your receptionist. Check out more here
  • Sanctuary of Truth – if architecture and historical buildings are right up your alley of hobbies, then this spot is one that should definitely be on your list of places to visit. The Sanctuary of Truth was commissioned by a local magnate back in the 80’s, and today, this wooden edifice stands at over a hundred metres’ height. The catch about the building is that it is constructed entirely of untreated wood, which makes it extremely susceptible to weather conditions and other external factors. As a result, the constructions are a continuous process, and are meant to highlight the futility and incessant nature of human exertion.   
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Garden – if you wish to see some of the endemic flora and fauna of Thailand right in Pattaya, then this tropical garden is the right destination for you. With an area of over 2 kilometres, this garden is actually also of the best-landscaped gardens of the world, with the professionals behind its designs being regular winners of worldwide landscaping competitions.