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Simple Ways To Plan An Engagement

Engagements are beautiful, not just because it marks the union of two couples, but it marks the union of two families coming together for two individuals as well. Most people don’t like to have an extravagant engagement. The like to keep in simple and just a small ceremony with a few close relatives. But others who like to have an extra ordinary engagement can always go ahead and have one because it is their like and dislikes and the opinions they carry towards the ceremony. Most parents if it is their only child, they love celebrating even the smallest of events. Thus, no one can be blamed when is merely done for the happiness of each other. However, if you want a simple one, there are few easy ways as to how you can nail it without giving much trouble to your parents. Because not a lot of people are well of though they may look like they are wealthy. At the end of the day money comes through hard work and no one would want to waste that hard earned money in one day just for a ceremony which is not even big as the marriage. 

Simple place  

If it is a simple ceremony they have to look for a simple place too. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have the function at a hotel. Even at hotel there are different sections like the outer garden area which is called as the lawn, or the ball room or the lotus room and many rooms which are named as per the number of people it can fit in. Therefore, get a nice and quiet room which can accommodate the close relatives you are planning on inviting. However, to do this, you need to talk to the management and check with them the availability. Because places don’t hold the reservation unless it is payed and reserved. Thus, if the amount is okay for both the families. Why wait? Just go for it! 

Simple food  

If it is a small crowd that you are inviting you don’t need have a big lunch or dinner ceremony. You can just make it like a small engagement which is more like a cocktail party and finish it off with a few snacks and a drinks. That is more than enough for the immediate families. However, you can check with a few hotels Bangkok near Patpong night market and see if they can arrange it for you. You can read more about this by checking out 

Most places based in overseas do offer services which are not mentioned in their list and they just tailor it according to the customers preferences and requests made. 

Thus, simple food and simple place is the key to a simple engagement!