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How To Make Sure You Create That Family Bond This Vacation?

In a world that is pretty much torn apart by wars and racism, now more than ever before, keeping your family safe and together is a priority for most of us. However, this is easier said than done. Not only is the world more dangerous now-a-days, it’s also highly distracting; and you hardly ever get the time for family bonding. If you’ve decided to take your family on a vacation to increase and strengthen said bond, then the below suggestions are exclusively for you… 

Making it mandatory 

If you are looking to make your family bond stronger, then chances are that your family might be scattered far and wide. This need not even be because you don’t get along with each other anymore. Jobs and education tends to create this distance anyway. To make sure you draw everyone back to the family, make this vacation mandatory for all. Obviously, anyone facing important examinations will have to be excused; but make sure there’s a penalty[Symbol]and make it a good one! 

Leaving the familiar behind  

A great way to make sure that everyone is getting involved and socializing, is to select an unfamiliar destination for your vacation. Leave behind the familiar; explore the unknown together. If Maldives with friends can sound like a great vacation; then so can it with family! If flying overseas is just too costly, especially if you have a large group to carter around, simply select a remote area of your own country. A place with little to no coverage would be ideal! Even if you are receiving good cell coverage, it’s still a good idea to restrict smart phone usage, as this will create a distance you don’t want in this holiday. 

Sharing and squeezing in  

Now, booking a 4 bedroom villa Maldives might simply sound stunning, it’s important to remember that, as much as you can, try to force your group to interact with each other. Asking them to share rooms, and work in pairs to see to the needful tasks will do simply this. This is not to say you have to make them uncomfortable; losing sleep will only make them crankier and less in the mood to holiday. Be smart about exactly how it is that you are going to create the socializing moments… 

In silliness and the lighthearted lies the key to great memories 

It’s a vacation! You all need to relax. Regardless to how “noble” your mission to create or strengthen your family bond is, this holiday should not be all about it. It pays to remember that it’s in light hearted moments and pure childish joy that the memories shine brighter[Symbol]and stick more with you. So sing silly songs, have a sand castle building competition, and race each other around. Have fun together, and that family bond will be stronger by the time you head back home…