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Best Times Of The Year To Go Diving In Thailand

The ocean acts in mysterious ways. However, marine scientists have done their research and rationalized the behavior of the part of the ocean that is relevant for the majority of the world. Thailand being a paradise of tourism enriched with the best hotels, exquisite food and more importantly attractive diving sites, it is a perfect holiday destination. Your experience can deviate from your expectation either positively or negatively depends on the times of the year that you are visiting. Hence, having a good idea about that will help you to have the best time under water. 


The beginning of the year marks the commencement of the diving season. During the entire January month, the visibility of the Padi open water Koh Tao tends to reach its peak. This continues to February increasing the underwater visibility from 10-15m to 20m on average. Whale shark season kicks off during mid-March and gives the best ocean conditions to explore. Hence these four months, especially March, are the most suitable times of the year to go diving not only in Thailand but anywhere in the world. 


During the months May and June, the weather gets stronger and colder. Although you might be underwater, the surface conditions of the ocean matter a lot. Although it can’t be recommended as the best, it might be a thrilling adventure for a professional/experienced diver. If you ever wanted to become a professional diver, Thailand and your holiday it is the best option. You can follow a diving course in Koh Tao and enjoy underwater then and there during your holidays. Moreover, given that the qualification is valid worldwide, you won’t have to take another the next time you want to dive. 

Late December 

The Thailand is the heaven in the East Asia. Hence, choosing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year will be quite an experience for either you and your friends or your family to have at least once in your life time. The availability of the most suitable conditions for diving and the best hotels allows you to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in style. But give the demand and the crowd, it is ideal to book your hotels and necessary diving lessons beforehand. That way, your time in Thailand will be amazing. 

If the nature wants us to stay away, that’s exactly what we should do. This is why the Thailand authorities and the tourist board have very specifically emphasized on the suitability of the time periods. That way, both you and the industry will be safe.